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Shop-In-Shops Introduction and Show

Shop-in-shop, store-within-a-store, in-store shop, concession, in-store concept.

Whatever you call the concept, they could be defined as a designated space within a host retailer that is dedicated to a specific consumer brand, allowing them to sell goods under their own brand name.

A shop-in-shop happens when a retailer partners with another brand to sell products within its store.     Think of it like a pop-in shop hosted within a store at another location.

A lot of brands/retailers have monobrand stores which are totally dedicated to their ranges e.g. adidas, Hugo Boss, UGG or Levi’s;often they have shop-in-shop programs where they occupy a set amount of space in other multiple outlets, in addition to their monobrand stores.


The benefits of shop-in-shops

1. Capitalize on existing foot traffic
Whether you open a pop-in inside a large retailer like Nordstrom or a small, local boutique, you have a head start when it comes to foot traffic. When you pop in, that foot traffic is already established, thanks to your host’s marketing efforts.

2. Experiment with in-person selling
If you’re running a booming ecommerce business, you might be eyeing a physical retail space as a way to try out multichannel retail. A shop-in-shop can help you test the waters of brick-and-mortar retail before committing to a lengthy business lease.

3. Expanding brick-and-mortar retail operations
Shop-in-shops can also be a much faster way for brands to scale up their physical retail presence compared to opening their own stores. As the world moves towards a post-covid normal, this may be particularly beneficial for brands that want to quickly capitalise on a rise in in-person shopping.

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