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Our advantage

Competitive pricing

Providing Cost-Effective, High-Quality Custom Display Stands

We have a complete supply chain for hardware, wood, and acrylic, as well as a unique geographic advantage that allows us to accurately control production costs and offer high-quality and cost-effective display racks, shelves, and regular accessories.  In the retail display props industry, we are known for our excellent quality and affordable products.  Whether you are opening a new store or renovating an existing one, we can provide you with the perfect display solution you need.

Factory photo

Factory photo

Product Design Display Diagram

Product Design Display Diagram

Structural Optimization Display Diagram

Structural Optimization Display Diagram

Strict project management process

Strict Project Management Process

1.We have an efficient project management system to ensure smooth, efficient, and timely project progress. You can trust us to deliver your project, and we will ensure everything is completed on time, making your experience stress-free.
2.We offer tailored and affordable display solutions to meet each customer's unique requirements for design and functionality. Our professional design services ensure that the product presents their brand image and features effectively, while also optimizing its structure for stability, durability, and safety.

Project Plan Diagram

Project Plan Diagram

Attentive production management

Attentive Production Management

1、Our team will discuss with you the design, materials, transportation, and other aspects of We have a dedicated project manager who tracks the production progress on a weekly basis and provides progress reports to you, ensuring that you are informed and in control of the project.
2、During the production process, we conduct tests on product functionality and strength to ensure the final product's quality, making your product even more perfect.
3、Before shipment, we also have a dedicated specialist to track the progress and create a shipping report that will be sent to you to ensure that you are satisfied with the final outcome of the project.
No matter what kind of display products you need, we will provide you with attentive service and excellent quality.

Shipping report display chart

Shipping Report Display Chart

Functionality testing display chart.

Functionality Testing Display Chart

Progress report display chart

Progress Report Display Chart

Cargo loading display picture

Cargo Loading Display Picture

Container stacking design

Container Stacking Design

Effortless Shipping Management

Effortless Shipping Management

1、We will use different protective packaging according to the different types of products in the order, to ensure that they can safely arrive in your hands.
2、Before production is completed, we will contact you to confirm the container ordering time, to ensure that your goods can arrive at the destination on time.
3、Our logistics team will design the best container stacking plan for you, ensuring the safety of the products during transportation and maximizing the cost savings of logistics.
4、We support various shipping methods, including but not limited to FOB, CIF, EXW, DDU, DDP, etc., allowing your goods to be transported flexibly, saving costs, and arriving at the destination faster.
No matter what kind of shipping plan you need, we will provide the best advice and service to ensure the smooth completion of your order.

product packaging design

Product Packaging Design

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